Grab all the things

Passwords and hashes

First grab the passwd and shadow file.

cat /etc/passwd
cat /etc/shadow

Crack the password using john the ripper like this:

unshadow passwd shadow > unshadowed.txt
john --rules --wordlist=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt unshadowed.txt

Interesting files

search -f *.txt
search -f *.zip
search -f *.doc
search -f *.xls
search -f config*
search -f *.rar
search -f *.docx
search -f *.sql





Fast command:

tcpdump -i any -s0 -w capture.pcap
tcpdump -i eth0 -w capture -n -U -s 0 src not 192.168.1.X and dst not 192.168.1.X
tcpdump -vv -i eth0 src not 192.168.1.X and dst not 192.168.1.X

First figure out what interfaces the machine is using: ifconfig. Then you can just start tapping in on that and start to capture those packets.

Commands and flags

Let's start with the basics. tcpdump - this command will output all network traffic straight to the terminal. Might be hard to understand if there is a lot of traffic.

-A - stands for Ascii, and output it in ascii.

-w file.pcap - the w-flag will save the output into the filename of your choice. The traffic is stored in pcap-format, which is the standard packet-analysis-format.

-i any - will capture traffic for all interfaces.

-D - show list of all interfaces

-q - be less verbose. Be more quiet

-s - The default size that tcpdump captures is only 96 bytes. If you want it to capture more you have to define it yourself -s0 gives you the whole packet.

-c - count. Set how many packets you want to intercept. And then stop. Is useful if you have a non-interactive shell, this way to can capture packets without having to leave with ctr-c.

port 22 - only see traffic on a specific port.

-vvv - Verbose. Depending on how verbose you want the output.

Useful commands

Lots of good stuff here http://www.rationallyparanoid.com/articles/tcpdump.html

tcpdump -i wlan0 -vvv -A | grep "GET"

This will grep all GET from the wlan0 interface. This will not get any SSL-encrypted traffic.

sudo tcpdump -i wlan0 src port 80 or dst port 80 -w port-80-recording.pcap
sudo tcpdump -i eth0 src port 80 or dst port 80 -w port-80-recording.pcap

Print the traffic in hex with ascii interpretation.

tcpdump -nX -r file.pcap

Only record tcp-traffic

tcpdump tcp -w file.pcap

Sniffing for passwords

Once we have dumped some of the traffic we can insert it into metasploit and run psnuffle on it. It can sniff passwords and usernames from pop3, imap, ftp, and HTTP GET. This is a really easy way to find usernames and passwords from traffic that you have already dumped, or are in the process of dumping.

use auxiliary/sniffer/psnuffle







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